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Our philosophy is to create the most reliable bond between dog and owner because the loyalty our dogs give us goes beyond explanation, and we owe it to our dogs to provide them a balanced, peaceful, and fun life!

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Perfectly “placed” puppy at the campground! Thank you so much to You and Your Dog LLC! After Jack’s week at Stay and Train, he is the best behaved dog!

Abby Johnson


What Dog Parents Have to Say

Kristi is an amazing trainer & super easy to work with! She has helped me & 2of my good friends over come issues with our dogs. She breaks everything down so it’s easy to understand and learn how to correct the behavior. We also ordered 2 of her custom made dog leashes. They arrived in beautiful holiday gift bags with a few other goodies. They work amazing & Im so excited to not have any more rope burn my my anxious foster dog has to go to the vet. He walks so much nicer with her leash then anything else we have tried!! Thank you Kristi for all your help making life much less stressful for me & more enjoyable for my dogs 😄

Jessica Heckenkamp


Absolutely wonderful! They truly understand the mind of a dog and they do a great job training the humans as well!! Thank you!!♥️

Kate Elizabeth Janquart


Our Most Popular Dog Training Services

Everything from help with a specific dog related issue to advanced dog training seminars there’s learning here for you and your dog. Click the icons for more information

K9 Behavior University

Take advantage of one f the world's top dog behavior modification programs for dogs to engage in balanced healthy lives!

Daily Balance

A day school program for dogs specifically designed to help owners with dog behavior! Dogs keep mentally stimulated and learning with their professional dog trainer and carefully selected dog friends enjoying a balanced day of planned activities Mondays - Friday. School shuttle service available in certain areas.

Private & Group Classes

Puppy Preschool, Off-Leash Obedience, AKC Good Citizen, Guest Seminars, Dog Sports, Private Lessons, and much more!

It's time, For Proven Strategies

A special privilege enjoyed by few, owning a dog is proven to increase their owner’s well being. Our dog training services and products help thousands of dogs and their owners achieve this!

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K9 Behavior University

Where responsible dog owners enroll their dogs to stay with us on campus and study lessons on how to improve dog training and behavior challenges.

Leveled Dog Training Courses

Our leveled courses are tailored to each dog’s needs complementing their strengths in a balanced environment 


For learning new helpful behaviors or unlearning harmless behaviors there are endless possibilities!


For unlearning harmful behaviors where no aggression is directed towards other animals or humans.


For unlearning harmful behaviors where aggression is directed towards other animals or humans.


For dogs who have severely injured another animal or human

What's Included

ask us about our payment options!
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Individualized Dog Training Course
  • Regular Progress Updates
  • 2 Private Dog Training Lessions
  • Refresher Vacation & Daily Care
  • 90 Days VIP Customer Support

Buster came to us with extreme reactivity all the way from Minnesota. Working patiently with him individually then in small  groups our master dog trainers Kristi and Otto guided Buster through his personalized dog training course. When Buster was ready to return home, his pet parents received their first private dog training lesson. Over the next 90 days, Buster’s parents had VIP access to Buster’s trainers and an additional private lesson.

Click the video to watch Buster's transformation at K9 Behavior University!

Kristi and Otto are amazing. No one explains dog behavior like these two. I own a doggy daycare in Madison, WI and Kristi has helped shape not only the dogs we take care of, but also my staff and trainers. Highly recommend. I would give 6 stars if possible  Anyone looking for down to earth people who REALLY get dogs please check them out.

Amanda Masarik


Master Dog trainers

Kristi and Otto have decades of experience between them. Throughout the year expect, world class guest dog trainers, cultural exchanges with sponsored up-and-coming dog trainers, online dog training material all to better help you and your dog!

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