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K9 Behavior University is a training school for dogs where specific behavioral issues are addressed. We offer leveled intensive immersion courses tailored to your dog where they get tons of daily one-on-one attention while working alone and in small groups from our professional dog trainers! 

The AKC Standard for Well behaved Dogs

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The combined effect being one of the world’s leading dog training program right here in your backyard!

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What is the Canine Good Citizen?

The AKC standard for a well behaved dog. Dogs of all breeds and ages may participate in this course and attempt the title. 

Started in 1989 the the Canine Good Citizen™ (CGC) certification was made of 10 skills every dog needs to be a well adjusted pet. CGC certified dog owners receive additional benefit of discounted rates from insurers in most states. 

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Dog related fall injuries occur on walks
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Dog related fall injuries occur on walks

That’s why we created the Canine Good Citizen™ (CGC) program: a two-part course designed to help you and your dog be the best you can be–together. Since 1989, over 1 million dogs and their owners have participated in CGC, mastering ten basic skills that instill confidence and good manners in and out of your home. 

Not only does CGC training create long-lasting trust between you and your pup, but also ensures you’ll be good neighbors and friends to everyone around you—and, if you’re interested in going beyond the basics, CGC also lays the foundation for other AKC sports and activities like obedience, agility, tracking, and performance events. 

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Dog related fall injuries occur on walks

Act now and speak with one of our pack members today!

Our courteous staff are happy to guide you through the enrollment process or start the process online. Class sizes are kept small to ensure every dog gets the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. Courses are scheduled on a monthly basis!

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Tuition Fee

$150 / Course
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • 3 Certification Preparation Classes
  • CGC Examination Fee
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Official AKC Listing Registration
Keep reading for the course syllabus!

Canine Good Citizen Syllabus

What to Bring on the First Day

Lesson 1

Appearance and Grooming

Sit and Down on Command/ Staying in Place

Accepting a Friendly Stranger

Sitting Politely for Petting

Lesson 2

Coming When Called

Walking on a Loose Leash

Walking Through a Crowd

Lesson 3

Reaction to Another Dog

Reaction to Distractions

Supervised Separation

Perfectly “placed” puppy at the campground! Thank you so much to You and Your Dog LLC! After Jack’s week at Board and Train, he is the best behaved dog!

Abby Johnson



The big day! You and your dog will attempt the first of what he hope to be many training titles. 

All 10 skills will be assessed by one of our in house AKC certified examiners.

Once you’ve complete the assessment you will take the pledge and receive a certificate of completion.

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If your dog has earned their CGC title, we then confirm your dog’s personal information before sending off for the official registration and certificate. 

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Canine Good Citizen

The Canine Good Citizen™ (CGC) program: a two-part course designed to help you and your dog be the best you can be–together.

CGC is not the same as a therapy dog program, but many therapy programs require the CGC award before accepting pups into their class. To learn more about the AKC Therapy Dog title, see www.akc.org/akctherapydog.

Yes, we have at least one evaluator at each of campuses.

CGC provides the perfect starting point for establishing a strong bond, developing foundational skills and teaching you how to communicate as you move on to more challenging activities together. 

Our 4-week course is about $150, with the CGC test given, and official title or CGC certificate from AKC at the end of the session for no additional fee

Once you and your dog pass your CGC exam, there is no AKC requirement to retake the test. Some therapy dog groups and insurance companies will ask to have a test that is current within 2 years. Regardless, we always encourage you to keep training and trying new activities with your dog so you can continue to bond, provide mental stimulation and exercise. 

It’s 100% OK! Don’t be too hard on yourself, or on your pup. Many amazing dogs have a little trouble passing all of the skills the first time around, and still go on to successfully pass the CGC test. You’re more than welcome to try the test again after polishing whatever skills caused some stumbling blocks on your previous attempt.

There are no age limits for participating in the Canine Good Citizen program. The only stipulation is that a dog must take the test with his owner. If a dog is in a shelter or foster situation, he can still learn the skills needed to pass the test and be labeled 

Even though a dog may start CGC at any age, puppies are sometimes developmentally more suited for the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program. 

To have your dog’s incredible manners and skills recognized by the AKC, you do need to pass the test administered by an AKC CGC Approved Evaluator. 

Not only will you and your dog understand the basics of dog training, and master skills like sit, down and stay, some homeowners’ insurance programs or hotels offer discounts for CGC dogs, and an increasing number of apartments and condos see passing the CGC test as a major bonus for becoming a resident. 

Additionally, you’ll be in a better position to pursue a variety of dog sports. After going the CGC training, you and your dog will have stronger communication skills, making future sports easier to learn.

Training varies from trainer to trainer, who else is in your class and what your dog responds to best. Generally speaking, there will be a little bit of play time to run off extra energy, structured learning, reviewing the skills and learning what reward system works best for you and your dog.

Admission process

Please contact us by phone or email and our professional dog trainers will be able to help you identify which one of our programs fits you and your dog’s training goals. 

Enrolling your dog in our school has never been easier. You may begin by online by submitting the form on this page or giving us a call. Our pack members will guide you through the rest of the process from there. 

Priority is given to those who sign up first, and owners who we feel will follow through with the training.

You are welcome to submit a new application. ​Most denial letters are due to classes being full.

After you receive your acceptance letter, you have three business days to accept enrollment into the program by making your initial deposit on the course. Our office manager will assist you in scheduling your dog’s training course start date based on your preference and availability. Then we make sure we have all the required medical documents and waivers signed and copied so on the first day of school it’s smooth sailing.

Please contact our office manager to confirm any new vaccines. However, Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper all must be currently vaccinated.Your dog will also need to be on a flea and worm preventatives. 

Behavior Evaluations

Every dog and owner that is interested in signing up must schedule a behavior evaluation. There is a 30-minute interview with you and your dog, where a trainer will sit down and talk to you about what types of training you want to accomplish with your dog. Then discuss different packages for you to choose for your dog.

A behavior evaluation allows us to see what behavior you are looking to focus on while your dog is at school. We want to make sure that we set up attainable goals for you and your dog.

We ask that every owner prepares a behavior wish list to bring to their behavior evaluation. A behavior wish list is a list of behaviors you would like your dog to address. For example: jumping on new people, darting out the door, chasing cars, barking at other dogs on walks, etc. The more we know about your dog, the more we can help!

They can be scheduled Monday through Friday.

You and your dog of course as well as our trainers.

All behavior evaluations are $30 and are 30 minutes in length!

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We frequently have puppy social days were to allow puppies to come and have a safe, monitored, and structured social day. These training days are so important, so they do not develop dog aggression issues as they grow up.