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Perfect for those dogs and owners looking for something a little more structured than doggy daycare. Daily Balance is an excellent program for dogs who need brushing up on their basic obedience skills, and need practice listening around other dogs and out in public.

Perfectly “placed” puppy at the campground! Thank you so much to You and Your Dog LLC! After Jack’s week at Stay and Train, he is the best behaved dog!

Abby Johnson


What Dog Parents Have to Say

Kristi is an amazing trainer & super easy to work with! She has helped me & 2of my good friends over come issues with our dogs. She breaks everything down so it’s easy to understand and learn how to correct the behavior. We also ordered 2 of her custom made dog leashes. They arrived in beautiful holiday gift bags with a few other goodies. They work amazing & Im so excited to not have any more rope burn my my anxious foster dog has to go to the vet. He walks so much nicer with her leash then anything else we have tried!! Thank you Kristi for all your help making life much less stressful for me & more enjoyable for my dogs 😄

Jessica Heckenkamp


Absolutely wonderful! They truly understand the mind of a dog and they do a great job training the humans as well!! Thank you!!♥️

Kate Elizabeth Janquart


Parents go to work. Pup's go to school.

Free-for-alls, doggy daycares generally lack structure or rules. Daily Balance is here to help you with your dog’s behavior! We want them to listen, sit at the door before going out, walk nicely on leash alone or in a group pack walk. 

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They get to go on field trips to dog friendly stores to work on their behavior in different environments. We also learn new skills like biking and rollerblading, nose-work games, swimming, resistance running with a parachute, the “place” command, etc. Your dog will have a planned out day of activities to keep them mentally stimulated and learning.

In addition to the personalized dog training courses, dogs benefit from routine times for reflection, exercise, and social interaction throughout the day.

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Our courteous staff are happy to guide you through the enrollment process. Class sizes are kept small to ensure every dog gets the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. There are often waiting lists for certain levels during peak seasons. Dogs are admitted on a first come serve basis. 

We offer a Variety of Payment Options


$65 / day
  • Treats & Snacks
  • Individualized Dog Training
  • Regular Progress Updates
  • Multiple 30 minutes play sessions
  • Pack & Individual walks
  • Any Medication/Shots/Ear or Eye
  • Stay and Train
  • Van Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Weekends Included

Basic Plus

$75 / day
  • Treats & Snacks
  • Individualized Dog Training
  • Regular Progress Updates
  • Multiple 30 minutes play sessions
  • Pack & Individual walks
  • Any Medication/Shots/Ear or Eye
  • Stay and train
  • Van Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Weekends Included

How do I Enroll?

Questions? Call Us

M - F 8:30 - 4:30

(+1) 262-719-5023

Our Dog Trainers & Behaviorists

We host elite behavior trainers from across the country, titling dogs in over 12 different dog sports, rehabilitating over 2,500 dogs, and continuing to compete at the world level with their dogs. All of our behaviorists have grown up in families that have succeeded in a wide variety of dog sports. These are not people who have quit their day job because they “love dogs” and want to become dog trainers. These are people who have the specific skill set to take on exceptional canine behavior cases. We hand select all of our trainers through our training school. 

What to Bring to School

A Typical Day on Campus

7:30 - 9:00

Parents drop off their dogs! Pack walks and individual walks! If your dog is social and likes other dogs, they will get the chance to go on a pack walk (either on leash or off leash depending on where they are in our training program). If your dog struggles with aggressive behavior towards other dogs, they will take an individual walk.

9:00 - 2:00

Your dog will attend the “lecture hall” with all of their classmates and work in large group classes. If a dog isn’t able to work with other classmates, they continue learning in individual lessons. During this period, we also go on our “outings.” We believe in taking your dogs out to as many places as possible, so they learn they have to listen anywhere we take them. During this time they also learn how to behave for car rides too! Dogs are toileted every 4 hours on days with extreme weather.

This owner enjoys taking her dog out for lunch, but previously she would have horrible begging habits and be left at home. Now she knows how to behave and can go out to eat at dog-friendly restaurants!

2:00 - 3:00

Brake Time! If your dog gets a lunch meal, they will get their meal and take an afternoon rest and potty brake.

Questions? Call Us

M - F 8:30 - 4:30

(+1) 262-719-5023

3:00 - 4:00

Play time! After a long day of working hard pups are grouped with other dogs who have a similar play style.

4:00 - 5:00

Dinner time! Your dog will have worked hard for their dinner meal! They get fed and then take a short break to let their food digest.

Daily Balance is held Monday through Friday except some major holidays. We do offer Stay and Train as well as a variety of other training opportunities on the weekends. Contact our office pack to confirm availability on any dates.

To Speak with a Dog Trainer, Complete This Form.


Admission process

Please contact us by phone or email and our professional dog trainers will be able to help you identify which one of our programs fits you and your dog’s training goals. 

Enrolling your dog in our school has never been easier. You may begin by online by submitting the form on this page or giving us a call. Our pack members will guide you through the rest of the process from there. 

Priority is given to those who sign up first, and owners who we feel will follow through with the training.

You are welcome to submit a new application. ​Most denial letters are due to classes being full.

After you receive your acceptance letter, you have three business days to accept enrollment into the program by making your initial deposit on the course. Our office manager will assist you in scheduling your dog’s training course start date based on your preference and availability. Then we make sure we have all the required medical documents and waivers signed and copied so on the first day of school it’s smooth sailing.

Please contact our office manager to confirm any new vaccines. However, Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper all must be currently vaccinated.Your dog will also need to be on a flea and worm preventatives. 

Behavior Evaluations

Every dog and owner that is interested in signing up must schedule a behavior evaluation. There is a 30-minute interview with you and your dog, where a trainer will sit down and talk to you about what types of training you want to accomplish with your dog. Then discuss different packages for you to choose for your dog.

A behavior evaluation allows us to see what behavior you are looking to focus on while your dog is at school. We want to make sure that we set up attainable goals for you and your dog.

We ask that every owner prepares a behavior wish list to bring to their behavior evaluation. A behavior wish list is a list of behaviors you would like your dog to address. For example: jumping on new people, darting out the door, chasing cars, barking at other dogs on walks, etc. The more we know about your dog, the more we can help!

They can be scheduled Monday through Friday.

You and your dog of course as well as our trainers.

All behavior evaluations are $30 and are 30 minutes in length!

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